Raspberry Pi – The World’s Cheapest and Smallest Computer | Know all about it.


Today we will give you information about a computer which is the cheapest and smallest computer in the world. You may or may not know about it, but it is the cheapest and smallest computer in the world.

This computer is named Raspberry Pi, now what is Raspberry Pi? And how does it work? And what are its uses? Today we will inform in this post. So guys, if you want to know about Raspberry Pi, then keep reading this article.

What is Raspberry Pi?

This is a very small computer that means it is smaller than your Smartphone. In this, you get all kinds of things that you can see in a big computer like – Input / Output, Processors, RAM (Random Access Memory, USB Ports, LAN Port, HDMI Port, etc. and the price it is worth It costs up to 15 $ – 35 $ Dollar, which means you get it for about Rs.3,000. Friends, for Rs.2,000, you don’t even get a good phone nowadays, but you get this computer so cheap.

Raspberry Pi

In this you can do things like Basic Classroom Learning like Coding in Python, Coding in Java, Etc but you cannot do much heavy work in it which you do in a computer like Gaming, video editing, etc.

You can run it on Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Windows 10 loT Core, Android, etc. OS (Operating System) and in this, you also get their OS which is named Raspbian. In this, only 5 Volt current is required to do its work, meaning that it does very less power consumption compared to big computers. The processors you get to see in it are ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) based.

For What Purpose You Can Raspberry Pi?

You can use Raspberry Pi for multi purpose like:

  • For Coding in Java, Python, C, C++, Etc.
  • For Retro Gaming.
  • Use as a Tablet.
  • Desktop/PC.
  • Use as a Cloud Server.
  • To See Videos.

Apart from this, you can also use Raspberry Pi for many projects.

How to use Raspberry Pi?

To use it, first you need to put an OS in it. By the way, you get their Default OS named Raspbian. Apart from this, you can also put Kali Linux, Windows 10 loT Core, Ubuntu etc. OS in it. After this you will need to put USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, a Display and a Class 10 Memory Card which will work like Hard Drive for Raspberry Pi.

After adding all these things with Raspberry Pi, you can work on it according to your mind. If you want to run the internet in it, then you will also have to attach a LAN cable to it.

In this, you can do things like Coding, Gaming, etc. very easily. This will make your Basic Computer Needs Fulfill easily. Friends, if you want to buy it, you can buy it online from Amazon, Ebay etc. Online Shopping Websites.

How does Raspberry Work?

Raspberry Pi works in this way. Firstly, a Class 10 Memory Card is inserted into its Memory Card Slot which acts as a Hard Drive for it which is powered by USB.

It operates with the power supply of 5 Volt. It has an HDMI port for video output which you can connect to your TV if you want. For Video Output, you can also combine it with Traditional RCA TV Set meaning old TV’s.

Raspberry Pi is a very cheap and good option for those who just want to do Coding etc.


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