What is RAM (Random-Access Memory)? Everything You Need To Know About RAM


Do you know what RAM is and what is its full form? I know for sure that you must know a little bit about RAM.

I am saying this because whenever you go to a mobile shop or if a friend of yours has to buy a new mobile, the first question you will ask is how much RAM is it? You ask this because you know that if it is high then the performance of this mobile will also be great.

what is ram

RAM means Random-access memory. This is the short form of this word. It is a type of computer memory that is accessed randomly. This means that it stores the work being temporarily done in the computer. When the work is being done, the working file is saved. Then it gets stored in permanent storage.

Have you ever tried to know how this RAM works? Otherwise, no matter, through this post, you will know what RAM is and what type it is. Also, you will be able to know what are its characteristics. So without delay let’s know everything about the RAM.

What is a RAM (Random Access Memory)?

This gives virtual space to the computer system so that it can manage any data and solve the problem. It works like a blackboard in school, in which we make notes, words, numbers, and drawings.

When the board is full, erase the needless things from them and write them again. The larger the blackboard, the more data it can write. RAM also works in the same way, according to the capacity, many apps can be used.

This is a very important part of every mobile and computer system. It is a form of computer data storage. We also know RAM by the name of primary memory. It is also known by other names which are Volatile memory, Main memory, Physical memory.

Whenever we are working on the computer at the current time, RAM stores that data. But until we save the data in secondary storage, it is not stored permanently.

If electricity is lost in the middle while working, then all the data is lost. For this, we have to save the working file to a hard disk or pen drive.

More RAM is required to run designing software. You must have heard the name of video mixing software which mixes wedding and party videos. A 6GB – 8GB RAM requires for Solid Works, Catia, and Maya 3D which are used for drawing and designing the house.

Due to this, it may take 10 hours for 1 hour of work. By the way, in the system used at home, we use only 1GB – 4GB of RAM, because this is enough for normal use. Let us understand this by an example.


Suppose you are working on a file in Microsoft Word or Excel and you have written 1000 words in it.

Now my question to you is, where are the 1000 words that you have written so far, where are they stored, because you have not yet saved that file in your hard disk drive?

Yes, it keeps stored in Random Access memory, but it is stored in it only until there is power in the computer or mobile or you do not close that file. If the power will be lost between your work, then all your data will also be gone and hard work will also go in vain.

That is why it is advised that if you are using a desktop, then you must use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplier). This will keep powering your computer system for a while, in which you will be able to save the work done in a hard disk drive.

Full form of RAM

“Random Access Memory” 

When we open and use many applications simultaneously on our phone or computer, you must have noticed that the phone starts working slowly.

This is why space is used in the primary memory of a mobile or computer. When the application is closed, some space is lost and the mobile starts running again at a good speed.

This means you must have understood that if you want to use a lot of apps simultaneously, then your RAM should be more.

Types of RAM

RAM is of many sizes. It is divided into different parts based on its capacity i.e. capacity and speed.

types of ram

Its capacity is measured in MB and GB and the speed is measured in MHz and GHz. When we have to change or increase the RAM on our computer, the motherboard should also be compatible with this.

  • If we want to use the RAM used in the old computer system nowadays, then it is not possible to change both the motherboard and the processor.
  • We cannot use the RAM used in the laptop, as well as the RAM of the desktop can not be fit in the laptop.
  • We cannot simply use any type of RAM in a computer system. Random Access Memory depends on the motherboard to be used from generation to generation.

Let us now know what kind of RAM are there.

There are 2 types of Random Access Memory.

  1. Static RAM (SRAM)
  2. Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

What is Static RAM (SRAM)

It is one of the 2 basic memory used in computers. It requires constant electric power to work.

Static RAM does not need to “Refresh” to remember the data stored in it, which is why its name is Static RAM.

Static memory is a volatile memory because whenever the power is cut, all the data stored in it is exhausted.

Advantages of Static RAM 

  • Wastes less electricity.
  • Works much faster than dynamic memory.

Disadvantages of Static RAM 

  • Memory capacity works
  • The manufacturing cost is high.

Characteristics of Static RAM

  • Its durability is very good.
  • Runs at high speed.
  • It does not need to be refreshed.
  • Used for CPU cache.
  • It is used for Digital to Analog converter in Video Cards.

What is Dynamic RAM (DRAM)?

This is exactly the opposite of static memory. We also know it as DRAM. It needs to be refreshed again and again so that it can remember the data.

The capacitor of Dynamic Memory which stores the data keeps discharging power slowly. If energy is exhausted then data also ends. There is constant action and change in it, hence it is named Dynamic RAM.

Dynamic memory is also a volatile memory because once the power is cut off, all its data is lost.

Advantages of DRAM

  • Manufacturing Cost is less.
  • Memory Capacity is high.

Disadvantages of DRAM

  • Electricity costs more
  • Its speed is low.

Characteristics of Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

  • Its durability is low.
  • Speed ​​is reduced.
  • It has to be refreshed again and again.
  • System memory and video graphics memory are used.
  • The cost of Dynamic is less than Static.

How Does RAM Works?

Random Access Memory is the most important part of computer memory. The reason for calling it Random Access Memory is that if you know the intersect point of the row and column of the cell, it can reach any of its memory cells very easily.

Before understanding its working process, know that it is also an Integrated Circuit that is made up of millions of transistors and capacitors. It consists of a pair of the capacitor and a transistor to form a memory cell which represents a single bit of data.

The capacitor holds the bit of information as 0 and 1. The transistor works as a switch. And it controls the circuit of memory, that is, reads the capacitor and also changes its state. Now, let’s get to know its working process.


A Capacitor bucket is like a bucket that has the ability to store electrons. Electrons are filled in the bucket to store a 1 in the memory cell. It is kept empty to store a 0.

The problem with the capacitor bucket is that there is leakage in it. The entire bucket is emptied within a few milliseconds; that is why to make dynamic memory work, the CPU or memory controller has to recharge all the capacitors which are holding 1.

It is necessary to periodically refresh the capacitor of dynamic memory otherwise it will discharge and become 0. Due to its repeated refresh operation, it has been named Dynamic, although if it is not refreshed, then it forgets what it has held.

Working Process of RAM

Now we will not talk much technically here and understand in simple language how RAM finally works.

When the mobile phone or computer is turned off, the RAM does not work at that time and is completely empty.

At that time the apps and software that we have are stored in the phone memory or hard disk or memory card.

But as we turn on the computer, the first operating system is loaded. Only then we open another software or app.

Now it will be able to handle as many software and apps as the capacity of Random Access Memory and if it exceeds the capacity then it will show some messages like System memory is full or Physical memory is full.

Then we have to close some software or apps. After shutting down, the system starts working at a good speed.

Characteristics of RAM

So far, you have learned many things related to main memory, now also know about some of its features.

  • The size of RAM is always much less than that of a Hard Disk or any other storage device.
  • Despite being low in size, it is quite expensive.
  • It is also known by the name of volatile memory as it remembers the data till it is powered.
  • It is also called Primary memory because all software runs because of this. Apps and software are just stored in secondary storage, but only primary memory is needed to work.
  • The higher the capacity of primary memory, the higher is the capacity of the system to work. And the timing of the working of any software depends on its capacity.

What is the RAM of a computer?

Usually, there is no fixed number on the computer how much RAM should be there. The computer’s RAM depends on many things.

Configuration of the computer is done according to what work you want to do on the computer and what type of task is there.

4 to 6 GB of RAM is commonly used in personal computers running at home. On the other hand, if you talk about professional work, then above 8GB of RAM is used in it.

Graphic designing importance 16 to 20 GB RAM is used.

Final Words

The next time you buy mobiles and computers, you can make the right choice. You will no doubt also know what kind of mobile to buy and what RAM should be in it.

Guys, you must have now understood what RAM is? You also know about the characteristics of RAM of computers and mobiles and how they work? Now you know very well what is RAM and how much is RAM for a computer?

I hope you will like this post very much. If you find this post helpful, then share it with your friends more and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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